Sauce Manufacturing


We are a fully licensed and insured sauce manufacturing facility. If you can provide us with a recipe, we will:

  • Cook the Batch
  • Fill the Bottles
  • Apply Your Label
  • Heat Shrink a Safety Seal on the Bottle
  • Print a best-by date on the Bottle
  • Box the Bottles
  • Palatize the Order
  • Ship the Product to Your Facility or Customer

We have been successfully manufacturing sauces since 1998. Our customers can be found in Wal-Mart, Target, Publix, Winn Dixie, Sam’s Club, Walt Disney World as well as many gourmet shops and mail order companies.

We are fully inspected by both the Florida Dept of Agriculture and the FDA. All of our manufacturing procedures fall within acceptable guidelines developed by these agencies.

Our processing facility is located in historic St Augustine, Florida.

Contract Bottling

contract packaging

Endorphin farms has been successfully co-packing a large variety of sauces, marinades, mustards, and dressings since 1998.  Because Endorphin Farms does not have its own product line, we are able to insure that our commitment and priorities are to you, our customer.  The team at Endorphin Farms will work hard to provide you with fast, quality and consistent results to meet all of your co-packing needs.

The minimum order requirement is one kettle of product which is approximately 750 lbs.  The actual number of cases produced per batch will vary based on the size of bottle chosen as well as the viscosity or density of your product. We offer a wide range of bottle sizes from 5oz on up to 5 gallon pails.  Our most popular bottle selections include:


  • 5 oz Woozy Bottle
  • 10 oz Woozy Bottle
  • 12 oz Ring Neck Bottle
  • 16 oz Decanter Bottle
  • 1 Gallon Container (128 oz)


If you are interested in exploring our Co-packing services, you must begin the process by completing the Non-Disclosure Agreement and emailing or faxing us a copy.  Once we have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement on file, we can begin the development stage of manufacturing your sauce.

The first step in this process is to provide you with preliminary pricing based on your original recipe.

The second step is the Sample Batch process which will allow us the opportunity to make your sauce in our facility to ensure we can replicate your sauce to your specifications.

The third step is getting the approved sample out to the lab to have a Process Authority Letter prepared and provide you with the Nutritional Panel and Ingredient Listing.

The final step, is production.

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