Hello world!

Hello world!

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    Hello Capitain Foods,

    Good Afternoon.

    I hope this mail find you well.

    We are a company specializing in creation and development of innovative foods with unique and patented ingredients.

    We have produced and distributed in Latin America and begining to export to the US in 2016.

    We’d like to know if your company could produce and label for third parties.

    Our goal is to provide our formulas (recipes) and art labels.

    We have buyers and the distribution would be in our warehouse in Miami and if possible, in retails in Florida.

    The volume can be great!

    We await your answers.

    Best regards,

    Túlio Rodrigues + 55 11 98221.0290 – http://www.brewerchef.com

  2. I already submitted some info about my product , here’s a little bit more info: Bobby’s “GOURMET” Latino Dressing&Marinade is trying to make a come back because I failed the first time out, Here I am 7yrs later finally settled down in Jacksonville Florida forever, and I’m ready to go all the way, this time around , just need some support from the Pro’s.

    Robert Perez
    Bobby Latino

  3. Hope you sell those woozy Bottles, because I need a box for samples .

  4. Good Morning,
    I work with California Dried Fruit, Inc in Fresno, CA and we manufacture innovative, patent-pending dried fruit butters, and purees in flavors such as; raisin, fig, date, blueberry, and prune (Dried Plum). We make both conventional and organic products that can be used as fillers, binding agents, flavors, sweeteners, natural ingredients or used in baking, recipes, mixing or eating right from the package! Attached is a menu of our products, however, we can make to customers specs using many different types of dried fruits.
    Our products fit a healthy lifestyle and are Non-GMO, Kosher Certified and have no preservatives, additives or chemicals. Our products are natural and only dried fruit! Our products are currently used as food ingredients, baby food, flavoring, sauce ingredients and fillings in many products.
    I would love to send you a few samples if your interested. I think our butters, purees and products may be interesting as an ingredient in your recipes. Our website for product information and contact info is: http://www.californiadriedfruit.com
    I look forward to speaking to you soon. Please let me know of a good time to call and discuss our products in the near future.
    Thank you,
    Martin James

  5. Perez Sergio

    I have 5 salsas I want to know how I can bottle then. All my friends love then but I don’t where to start but I’m really want to make work if any body can help me. Thank you.

  6. Clifton Williams

    These folks will be my co-packet and private label soon
    So good… Thank you Ksren

  7. Clifton Rodgers

    Hello I have new company making hot sauces. New more information about packing my recipes.

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