Friends of the Farm


Some of our favorite sites to visit:

Scott Robert’s Blog – America’s favorite hot sauce and spicy food blog.

Hot Sauce Daily – The world’s first podcast dedicated to chileheads, hot sauce lovers, barbecuers, and fiery-food fans everywhere!

Heartbreaking Dawn’s – Premier producer of all-natural artisan sauces and spice blends in the New York and Tri-state area.

 High River Sauces – Steve Seabury combines a passion for food and Rock & Roll to provide food and music fanatics with artisan sauces made from the best ingredients.

 Golden Toad – Hand crafted sauces and seasonings dedicated to “Saving the planet one tongue at a time”

 Dat’s Nice Hot Sauce – Family owned and operated out of Saint Augustine, FL. “It’s not the original… It’s not world famous… It’s just awesome!”

 Volcanic Peppers – Growing and selling peppers and pepper products. Featuring Volcano Dust ™ the best condiment around

Mommal’s Salsa – Award winning salsas

 I Love it Spicy – “The gateway to the land of chilehead dreams… let us show you the way!”

Eat More Heat! Your HOT SPOT for in-depth reviews of spicy hot food, sauces, peppers, restaurants, or anything else that makes your mouth burn!

Jungle Heat – Award winning sauces

Flavors of Florida – Satisfying customer demands for flavorful sauces with their innovative Flavors of Florida line.

Mad John’s Food – “Old Florida Style” Datil pepper products

Tahiti Joe’s – Award winning sauces

Howler Monkey Sauces – All natural Caribbean style sauces & more – The world’s largest collection of hot sauces

A Frame Hot Sauce – A unique and organic Datil Pepper sauce

Captain Foods – Wholesale, private labeling, and co-packing services with 20+ years of sauce making experience.

Refining Fire Chiles – One of the premier chile growers in the country offering a variety of seeds plants and peppers.

Chili Plants-– Nursery owners since 1985, now nationally recognized growers of live pepper plants raised on an organic diet.

Sam and OliverSam & Oliver-Handcrafted Heat-All Natural, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Vegan hot sauces

Heat Hot Sauce Shop– Berkeley’s Hot Sauce Shop, with artisan selections, the cheapest shipping rates, and a curated Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Hot Sauce Depot – All of your favorite hot sauces, salsas, wing sauces, BBQ sauces, and more shipped right to your door.

Men Paw Hot Sauce – “The perfect balance of flavors and texture. Men Pa’w is so exquisitely flavorful, ORGASMIC, and hot, you’ll want to eat it with every bite”



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