Award Winners



Many of the sauces we manufacture have won awards at National and Regional Hot Sauce Shows, among them:

NY City Hot Sauce Expo “Screaming MiMi” Awards 2013-2015

  • Tom’s Roid Rippin– Hot Cherry Pepper & Roasted Garlic
  • Heartbreaking Dawns– 1498, 1542
  • Rippin Red– Forbidden Angel, Hot & Mild
  • Davis’ Sauces– 1929
  • Tahiti Joe– Uhane Akai
  • Race City Sauce Works– Carolina Cayenne, 7-pepper Sriracha
  • Hellfire Hot Sauce– The Elixer, Fear This, Blueberry Hell, Gourmet Hot Sauce
  • Defcon– Defense Condition #1, Defense Condition #2, Cluckwing Orange
  • Red Flag Spicy Foods– Fusebox

Scovie Awards 2010-2015

  • Tahiti Joe– Hot Ass Devil Juice, Rectum Riper, Analize This, Tahitiaki, Apple’s Ass, Smokin’ Mangoes, Uhane’ Akai, Berry Mangolo
  • Pop’s Liquid Sunshine- Original BBQ Sauce
  • Hotlanta– Original Hot Sauce
  • Datil Q– Datil BBQ Sauce
  • Bel Soley– Papaya Hot Sauce, Mango Acerola Hot Sauce
  • Jungle Heat– Hot Sauce, The Hottest We Got, BBQ Sauce, Smoked Glaze, Scorpion Sting, Mango Heat, Madness
  • Reva Foods– Fiery Red, Chipolte Ketchup, Cherry Habanero
  • Dat’l-Do-It– Datil Hot Sauce, Hellish Rellish
  • Big Papa’s– Mangonero Peach, Spicy Honey Mustard
  • Crazy Good- Raging Pineapple
  • Ojeda Sauces– Cherry Habanero
  • Ken’s Pepper Works–  Island Sunshine
  • Voodoo Chile– Psycho Tropic, Voo Dew Honey Dew Hot
  • Fat Cat– Cat in Heat, Roux Red
  • Gunther’s Gourmet
  • MB Family Foods– Jamaican Hot Sauce, Jamaican Jerk
  • Davis Sauces– 1929

Hot Pepper Awards 2008-2014

  • Bisummmo– Ass Murdering Hot Sauce
  • Bella Pepper– Bella Forte, Bella Diavolo
  • Heartbreaking Dawns– Fiery Trail Preserves, 1498 Cauterizer
  • Flavors of Florida– Clearwater Beach Chili Citrus, South Beach Lemon Habanero, Key West Jalapeno Key Lime
  • Mad Johns– Old Florida Datil Pepper Honey Glaze, Old Florida Datil Pepper Salsa, Old Florida Datil Pepper Hot Sauce
  • High River Sauces– Hellacious Hot Sauce, Tears of the Sun, Grapes of Wrath, Rogue
  • Danny Boy’s– The Tearjerker
  • Reva Foods– Fiery Red Salsa, Cherry BBQ Sauce
  • Fat Cat– Papaya Pequin Passion, Caribbean Curry, PurryPurry Sauce
  • MB Family Foods– Jamaican Hot Sauce
  • Tom’s Roid– Rippin Scorpion Shadow
  • Men Paw Gourmet– Hot Sauce
  • Born to Hula– Reaper of Sorrow
  • Ken’s Pepper Works– Island Sunshine
  • Gunther’s Gourmet– Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce, Spicy Black Bean Dip
  • Hellfire Hot Sauce– Devil’s Gold, Pure Hell

The Chili Pepper Awards 2013-2014

  • High River Sauces– Hellacious Hot Sauce, Grapes of Wrath, Tears of the Sun, Foo Foo Mama Choo
  • Tahiti Joe– Smokin’ Mangoes, Ahi of Kahuna, Tahitiaki
  • Lee & Cahill– Datil Pepper Sauce
  • Hellfire Hot Sauce– Devil’s Gold, Blueberry Hell

Fiery Food Challenge “Golden Chile” Awards 2011-2015

  • Jungle Heat– Hot Sauce, Mango Heat Madness, The Hottest We Got, Caribbean Heat, Scorpion Sting
  • Race City Works– Carolina Cayenne, 98 Octane
  • Reva Foods– Fiery Red, Cherry Habanero, Chipolte Ketchup
  • High Rivers Sauces– Rogue, Hellacious Hot Sauce, Tears of the Sun, Rattler BBQ, Foo Foo Mama Choo
  • Addiction Sauces– Habanero
  • Big Papa’s– Sweet & Spicy Hot
  • Datl-Do-It– Minorcan Mustard, Hellish Rellish
  • Defcon– Defense Condition #1, Defense Condition #2, Defense Condition #3, Habby Horse
  • Mountain Q– Datil Pepper
  • Fat Cat– Chairman Meow’s Revenge, Mexican Style Habanero
  • Puckerbutt– Voodoo Prince Death Mamba
  • Pepper Palace– Tsunami Sriracha
  • Born to Hula– Reaper of Sorrow


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